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Maintaining a healthy plumbing environment can be stressful, especially if your homes' plumbing system is septic. It doesn't have to be. Below we have included some simple tips that will extend the life of your on-site sewage system, save on maintenance costs and protect water quality. If you have questions or we can assist you in any way please, contact JS Construction and Septic, Inc. at 916-228-4187.

"Do's" & "Don'ts" For Your Septic System:


It is essential to have your septic system pumped and inspected routinely every 3–5 years to avoid clogging the drain lines.

Be sure you know where your septic system and drain field is, and keep a record of all inspections, pumping, repairs, etc.

Take hazardous chemicals to your hazardous waste collection center for disposal. Use bleach, disinfectants, and drain and toilet bowl cleaners sparingly as per the product labels.

Grass should be grown, not trees or shrubs above the septic system to hold the drain field in place and to prevent roots from invading the leaching system. Water conservation through creative landscaping is a great way to control excess run off into your drainage area.

You should also install water-conserving devices in faucets, shower heads and toilets to reduce the volume of water running into the septic system. Dripping faucets and leaking toilets should also be repaired immediately.

Roof drains and surface water should be redirected from driveways away from the septic system. Keep sump pumps and house footing drains away from the system as well.

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Do not dump non-biodegradables, such as cigarette butts, diapers, feminine products, or grease down your sink or toilet. Store cooking oils, fats, and grease in a can to be disposed of in a trash can.

Do not put paint thinner, polyurethane, anti-freeze, pesticides, some dyes, disinfectants, water softeners, or any other strong chemicals into the system. These can cause major damage in the septic tank.

Do not do excessive laundry loads with your washing machine. Doing load after load does not allow your septic tank time to adequately treat wastes and overwhelms the entire system with excess waste water. You could flood your drain field because you have not allowed sufficient recovery time.

Do not plant trees within 50 feet of your system. Tree roots will clog your pipes.

Do not use a garbage disposal, which feeds into the septic tank. If you do have one in the house, severely limit its use. Adding food wastes or other solids reduces your system's capacity and increases the need to pump the septic tank.

Do not allow anyone to repair or pump your system without first checking that they are licensed system professionals.

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Septic Tank Troubleshooting Tips:

If you think you may be having septic tank problems, below are just a few troubleshooting possible causes of septic system failure to consider:

Improper Placement — Is your septic tank system located in an area of poor drainage?

Improper Installation/Improper Plumbing — Was your septic system installed according to septic codes and do you have proper plumbing in the house to accommodate the system?

Tree Roots Clogging Pipes — Could tree roots be clogging the pipes?

Water Softeners — Are salts and chemicals damaging your septic tank?

Overloading — Is the septic tank system being overloaded by excessive water use or is there excess water entering into the sewage system?

Garbage Disposals — Ground up food particles are especially hard on the septic system. Do not put kitchen grease down the drain. Do not flush cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, or other inorganic materials down the toilet.

We hope that you find these tips and suggestions to be helpful. If you need us in anyway, please contact JS Construction and Septic, Inc. at 916-228-4187.

Thank you for your interest in JS Construction and Septic, Inc.. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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